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Richard Wagner (1813-1883) [wikipedia]

 This page introduces Wagner’s orchestra works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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29Symphony in C major
35Symphony in E major
59Faustsymphonie, first movement


91-BTräume for violin and chamber orchestra


14Overture in C major
17Overture in E-flat major
10Overture in B-flat major
37Overture Columbus
39Overture Polonia
42Overture Rule Britannia
12Overture to Schiller’s Die Braut von Messina
20Concert Overture No. 1 in D minor
27Concert Overture No. 2 in C major
59Faust Overture
11Politische Overture

Other Orchestral Works

25Entreacte tragique No. 1 in D major
13Fragment of an orchestral work in E minor
110Grand Festive March
97Huldigungsmarsch.  Arrangement for military music
103Siegfried Idyll
98Romeo und Julie
107Ouvertüren und Sinfonien, Themen und Melodien