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Franz Schubert (1797-1828) [wikipedia]

 This page introduces Schubert’s church works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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Mass, Requiem

24EMass in F major
105Mass No. 1 in F major
167Mass No. 2 in G major
324Mass No. 3 in B-flat major
452Mass No. 4 in C major
678Mass No. 5 in A-flat major
950Mass No. 6 in E-flat major
872Mass Deutsche Messe
0Mass in C major
453Requiem in C minor
621German Requiem in G minor


31Kyrie to a Mass in D minor
45Kyrie in B-flat major
49Kyrie to a Mass in D minor
66Kyrie in F major
755Kyrie to a Mass in A minor

Sechs Antiphonen zum Palmsonntag

696Sechs Antiphonen zum Palmsonntag No.1 Hosanna filio David
696Sechs Antiphonen zum Palmsonntag No.2 In monte Oliveti
696Sechs Antiphonen zum Palmsonntag No.3 Sanctus
696Sechs Antiphonen zum Palmsonntag No.4 Pueri Hebraeorum
696Sechs Antiphonen zum Palmsonntag No.5 Cum angelis et pueris
696Sechs Antiphonen zum Palmsonntag No.6 Ingrediente Domino


27Antiphon Salve Regina in F major
106Antiphon Salve Regina in B-flat major
379Antiphon Deutsches Salve Regina in F major
386Antiphon Salve Regina in B-flat major
811Antiphon Salve Regina in C major


136Offertory Totus in Corde in C major
181Offertory Tres sunt in A minor
223Offertory Salve Regina in F major
488Offertory Auguste jam coelestium in G major
676Offertory Salve Regina in A major
963Offertory Intende voci in B-flat major


460Hymn Tantum ergo in C major
486Hymn Magnificat in C major
706Hymn Der 23. Psalm
730Hymn Tantum ergo in B-flat major
739Hymn Tantum ergo in C major
750Hymn Tantum ergo in D major
948Hymn Hymnus an den heiligen Geist
953Hymn Der 92. Psalm
962Hymn Tantum ergo in E-flat major

Other Sacred works

56Sanctus in B-flat major
71AAlleluja in F major
175Sequence Stabat mater in G minor
184Gradual Benedictus es, Domine in C major
383Oratorio Stabat Mater in F minor
607Song Evangelium Johannis 6, Vers 55-58
0Tantum ergo in C major
0Tantum ergo in C major