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Franz Schubert (1797-1828) [wikipedia]

 This page introduces Schubert’s orchestra, concerto and opera works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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82Symphony No. 1 in D major
125Symphony No. 2 in B-flat major
200Symphony No. 3 in D major
417Symphony No. 4 Tragic in C minor
485Symphony No. 5 in B-flat major
589Symphony No. 6 Little in C major
729Symphony No. 7 in E major
759Symphony No. 8 Unfinished in B minor
944Symphony No. 9 Great in C major
2BSymphony in D major
936ASketch of a Symphony in D major
615Sketch of a Symphony in D major
708ASketch of a Symphony in D major


345Concerto in D major
438Rondo in A major
580Polonaise in B-flat major


2AOverture in D major
4Overture to the vocal comedy Der Teufel als Hydraulicus
12Overture in D major
26Overture in D major
470Overture in B-flat major
556Overture in D major
590Overture in D major
591Overture in C major
648Overture in E minor

Other Ochestral Works

71CFragment of an orchestral piece in D major
94AFragment of an orchestral piece in B-flat major
966BSketch of an orchestral piece in A major


11Singspiel Der Spiegelritter
84Singspiel Des Teufels Lustschloß
137Singspiel Adrast
190Singspiel Der vierjährige Posten
220Singspiel Fernando
239Singspiel Claudine von Villa Bella
326Singspiel Die Freunde von Salamanka
647Singspiel Die Zwillingsbrüder
787Singspiel Die Verschworenen
981Singspiel Der Minnesänger
689Oratorio Lazarus,oder: Die Feier der Auferstehung
435Opera Die Bürgschaft
701Opera Sakuntala
732Opera Alfonso und Estrella
791Opera Rüdiger
796Opera Fierabras
918Opera Der Graf von Gleichen

Incidental music

644Music for Zauberspiel Die Zauberharfe
723Das Zauberglöckchen
797Rosamunde, Prinzessin von Zypern