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Franz Schubert (1797-1828) [wikipedia]
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 This page introduces Schubert’s piano works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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Piano Sonata

157 Piano Sonata No.1 in E major
279 Piano Sonata No.2 in C major
459 Piano Sonata No.3 in E major
537 Piano Sonata No.4 in A minor
557 Piano Sonata No.5 in A-flat major
566 Piano Sonata No.6 in E minor
568 Piano Sonata No.7 in D-flat major/E-flat major
571 Piano Sonata No.8 in F-sharp minor
575 Piano Sonata No.9 in B major
613 Piano Sonata No.10 in C major
625 Piano Sonata No.11 in F minor
655 Piano Sonata No.12 in C-sharp minor
664 Piano Sonata No.13 in A major
769A Piano Sonata in E minor
784 Piano Sonata No.14 in A minor
840 Piano Sonata No.15 Reliquie in C major
845 Piano Sonata No.16 in A minor
850 Piano Sonata No.17 Gasteiner in D major
894 Piano Sonata No.18 Fantasie in G major
958 Piano Sonata No.19 in C minor
959 Piano Sonata No.20 in A major
960 Piano Sonata No.21 in B-flat major
154 Piano Sonata in E major


899 Four Impromptus No.1 in C minor
899 Four Impromptus No.2 in E-flat major
899 Four Impromptus No.3 in G-flat major
899 Four Impromptus No.4 in A-flat major
935 Four Impromptus No.1 in F minor
935 Four Impromptus No.2 in A-flat major
935 Four Impromptus No.3 in B-flat major
935 Four Impromptus No.4 in F minor
946 Drei Klavierstücke No.1 in E-flat minor
946 Drei Klavierstücke No.2 in E-flat major

Waltz A-

976 Cotillon in E-flat major
782 Écossaise in D major
158 Écossaise in D minor/F major
511 Écossaise in E-flat major
529 Eight Écossaises
977 Eight Écossaises
378 Eight Ländler in B-flat major
735 Galop and Eight Écossaises
139 German Dance in C-sharp major
643 German Dance in C-sharp minor
975 German Dance in D major
722 German Dance in G-flat major
135 German Dance with Trio in E major
925 Grazer Galopp in C major
334 Minuet in A major
277A Minuet in A minor
600 Minuet in C-sharp minor
335 Minuet in E major
506 Rondo in E major
366 Seventeen Ländler
19B Several Waltzes and a March

Waltz S-

421 Six Écossaises
697 Six Écossaises in A-flat major
820 Six German Dances
970 Six Ländler
783 Sixteen German Dances and Two Écossaises
734 Sixteen Ländler and Two Écossaises
41 Thirty Minuets with Trios
779 Thirty-four Valses Sentimentales
365 Thirty-six Original Dances
816 Three Écossaises
971 Three German Dances
972 Three German Dances
973 Three German Dances
380 Three Minuets
610 in E major
299 Twelve Écossaises
420 Twelve German Dances
790 Twelve German Dances
924 Twelve Grazer Waltzes
681 Twelve Ländler
128 Twelve Viennese German Dances
969 Twelve Waltzes
145 Twelve Waltzes, Seventeen Ländler and Nine Écossaises
146 Twenty Waltzes
841 Two German Dances
974 Two German Dances
91 Two Minuets
980 Two Waltzes
978 Waltz in A-flat major
980D Waltz in C major
844 Waltz in G major
979 Waltz in G major

Other Piano Works A-

349 Adagio in C major
505 Adagio in D-flat major
612 Adagio in E major
178 Adagio in G major
346 Allegretto in C major
900 Allegretto in C minor
915 Allegretto in C minor
347 Allegro moderato in C major
604 Andante in A major
29 Andante in C major
348 Andantino in C major
968B Deux Marches Caractéristiques in C major
0 Écossaise in G major
760 Fantasy Wandererfantasie in C major
605A Fantasy in C major
2E Fantasy in C minor
10 Fantasy in E-flat major
0 Four Dances in A major
0 Fugue in an unknown key
24A Fugue in C major
24D Fugue in C major
13 Fugue in D minor
24C Fugue in D minor
41A Fugue in E minor
71B Fugue in E minor
0 Fugue in F major
25C Fugue in F major for two voices
24B Fugue in G major
944A German Dance in an unknown key

Other Piano Works M-

7 March
757A March in B minor
606 March in E major
980F March in G major
780 Moments musicaux No.1 Moderato
780 Moments musicaux No.2 Andantino
780 Moments musicaux No.3 Allegro
780 Moments musicaux No.4 Moderato
780 Moments musicaux No.5 Allegro vivace
780 Moments musicaux No.6 Allegretto
759A Overture to the Opera Alfonso und Estrella
916B Piano piece in C major
916C Piano piece in C minor
309A Rondo in C major
570 Scherzo in D major
24 Seven Variations in F major
13 Six German Dances
156 Ten Variations in F major
0 Themes to Two Minuets
576 Thirteen Variations on a theme in A minor
459A Three piano pieces Drei Klavierstücke
781 Twelve Écossaises
980A Two Dances
980E Two Dances
980C Two Ländler in D-flat major
980B Two Ländler in E-flat major
593 Two Scherzi
817 Ungarische Melodie in B minor
718 Variation in C minor

duo.Marches and Dances

599 Four Polonaises
602 Trois Marches Héroiques
618 German Dance in G major
618A Polonaise in B-flat major
733 Three Marches Militaires No.1 in D major
733 Three Marches Militaires No.2 in G major
733 Three Marches Militaires No.3 in E-flat major
814 Four Ländler
819 Six Grandes Marches
824 Six Polonaises
859 Grande Marche Funèbre in C minor
885 Grande Marche Hèroique in A minor
928 March in G major


592 Overture in D major
597 Overture in C major
668 Overture in G minor
675 Overture in F major
773 Overture to the Opera Alfonso und Estrella
798 Overture to the Opera Fierabras

duo.Other Works

1 Fantasy in G major
1B Fantasy in G major
1C Sonata in F major
9 Fantasy in G minor
48 Fantasy in C minor
608 Rondo in D major
617 Sonata in B-flat major
624 Eight Variations on a French Song in E minor
812 Sonata in C major
813 Eight Variations on an original theme in A-flat major
818 Divertissement à la hongroise in G minor
823 Divertissement sur des motifs originaux français in E minor
908 Eight Variations on a theme from Hérold’s Opera Marie
940 Fantasy in F minor
947 Allegro in A minor
951 Rondo in A major
952 Fugue in E minor
968 Allegro moderato in C major
968A Introduction, Four Variations on an original theme and Finale in B-flat major