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Frédéric Chopin (1810-1849)

 This page introduces Chopin’s piano works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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10Etude No.1 Waterfall in C major
10Etude No.2 in A minor
10Etude No.3 Tristesse in E major
10Etude No.4 in C-sharp minor
10Etude No.5 Black Keys in G-flat major
10Etude No.6 in E-flat minor
10Etude No.7 in C major
10Etude No.8 in F major
10Etude No.9 in F minor
10Etude No.10 in A-flat major
10Etude No.11 in E-flat major
10Etude No.12 Revolutionary in C minor
25Etude No.13 Aeolian Harp in A-flat major
25Etude No.14 in F minor
25Etude No.15 in F majo
25Etude No.16 in A minor
25Etude No.17 in E minor
25Etude No.18 in G-sharp minor
25Etude No.19 in C-sharp minor
25Etude No.20 in D-flat major
25Etude No.21 Butterfly in G-flat major
25Etude No.22 in B minor
25Etude No.23 Winter Wind in A minor
25Etude No.24 Ocean in C minor
3Trois nouvelles Etudes No.1 in F minor
3Trois nouvelles Etudes No.2 in A-flat major
3Trois nouvelles Etudes No.3 in D-flat major


9Nocturne No.1 in B-flat minor
9Nocturne No.2 in E-flat major
9Nocturne No.3 in B major
15Nocturne No.4 in F major
15Nocturne No.5 in F-sharp major
15Nocturne No.6 in G minor
27Nocturne No.7 in C-sharp minor
27Nocturne No.8 in D-flat major
32Nocturne No.9 in B major
32Nocturne No.10 in A-flat major
37Nocturne No.11 in G minor
37Nocturne No.12 in G major
48Nocturne No.13 in C minor
48Nocturne No.14 in F-sharp minor
55Nocturne No.15 in F minor
55Nocturne No.16 in E-flat major
62Nocturne No.17 in B major
62Nocturne No.18 in E minor
72Nocturne No.19 in E major
16Nocturne No.20 in C-sharp minor
8Nocturne No.21 in C minor


22Andante spianato et grande polonaise brillante in E-flat major
26Polonaise No.1 in C-sharp minor
26Polonaise No.2 in E-flat minor
40Polonaise No.3 Military in A major
40Polonaise No.4 Funeral in C minor
44Polonaise No.5 in F-sharp minor
53Polonaise No.6 Heroic in A-flat major
61Polonaise No.7 Fantaisie in A-flat major
71Polonaise No.8 in D minor
71Polonaise No.9 in B-flat major
71Polonaise No.10 in F minor
1Polonaise No.11 in G minor
3Polonaise No.12 in B-flat major
5Polonaise No.13 in A-flat major
6Polonaise No.14 in G-sharp minor
13Polonaise No.15 in B-flat minor
36Polonaise No.16 in G-flat major


18Waltz No.1 Grande valse brillante in E-flat major
34Waltz No.2 in A-flat major
34Waltz No.3 in A minor
34Waltz No.4 in F major
42Waltz No.5 in A-flat major
64Waltz No.6 Minute Waltz in D-flat major
64Waltz No.7 in C-sharp minor
64Waltz No.8 in A-flat major
69Waltz No.9 L’Adieu in A-flat major
69Waltz No.10 in B minor
70Waltz No.11 in G-flat major
70Waltz No.12 in F minor
70Waltz No.13 in D-flat major
21Waltz No.16 in A-flat major
44Waltz No.15 in E majo
46Waltz No.17 in E-flat major
56Waltz No.14 in E minor
133Waltz No.18 in E-flat major
150Waltz No.19 in A minor
7Waltz No.20 in F-sharp minor


29Impromptu No.1 in A-flat major
36Impromptu No.2 in F-sharp major
51Impromptu No.3 in G-flat major
66Fantaisie-Impromptu in C-sharp minor


23Ballade No. 1 in G minor
38Ballade No. 2 in F major
47Ballade No. 3 in A-flat major
52Ballade No. 4 in F minor


6Mazurka No.1 in F-sharp minor
6Mazurka No.2 in C-sharp minor
6Mazurka No.3 in E major
6Mazurka No.4 in E-flat minor
7Mazurka No.5 in B-flat major
7Mazurka No.6 in A minor
7Mazurka No.7 in F minor
7Mazurka No.8 in A-flat major
7Mazurka No.9 in C major
17Mazurka No.10 in B-flat major
17Mazurka No.11 in E minor
17Mazurka No.12 in A-flat major
17Mazurka No.13 in A minor
24Mazurka No.14 in G minor
24Mazurka No.15 in C major
24Mazurka No.16 in A-flat major
24Mazurka No.17 in B-flat minor
30Mazurka No.18 in C minor
30Mazurka No.19 in B minor
30Mazurka No.20 in D-flat major
30Mazurka No.21 in C-sharp minor
33Mazurka No.22 in G-sharp minor
33Mazurka No.23 in C major
33Mazurka No.24 in D major
33Mazurka No.25 in B minor
41Mazurka No.26 in E minor
41Mazurka No.27 in B major
41Mazurka No.28 in A-flat major
41Mazurka No.29 in C-sharp minor
50Mazurka No.30 in G major
50Mazurka No.31 in A-flat major
50Mazurka No.32 in C-sharp minor
56Mazurka No.33 in B major
56Mazurka No.34 in C major
56Mazurka No.35 in C minor
59Mazurka No.36 in A minor
59Mazurka No.37 in A-flat major
59Mazurka No.38 in F-sharp minor
63Mazurka No.39 in B major
63Mazurka No.40 in F minor
63Mazurka No.41 in C-sharp minor
67Mazurka No.42 in G major
67Mazurka No.43 in G minor
67Mazurka No.44 in C major
67Mazurka No.45 in A minor
68Mazurka No.46 in C major
68Mazurka No.47 in A minor
68Mazurka No.48 in F major
68Mazurka No.49 in F minor
16Mazurka No.52 in B-flat major
16Mazurka No.53 in G major
31Mazurka No.54 in D major
71Mazurka No.55 in D major
73Mazurka No.56 in B-flat major
82Mazurka No.57 in C major
85Mazurka No.58 in A-flat major
134Mazurka No.50 in A minor
140Mazurka No.51 in A minor


28Prelude No.1 in C major
28Prelude No.2 in A minor
28Prelude No.3 in G major
28Prelude No.4 in E minor
28Prelude No.5 in D major
28Prelude No.6 in B minor
28Prelude No.7 in A major
28Prelude No.8 in F-sharp minor
28Prelude No.9 in E major
28Prelude No.10 in C-sharp minor
28Prelude No.11 in B major
28Prelude No.12 in G-sharp minor
28Prelude No.13 in F-sharp major
28Prelude No.14 in E-flat minor
28Prelude No.15 Raindropin D-flat major
28Prelude No.16 in B-flat minor
28Prelude No.17 in A-flat major
28Prelude No.18 in F minor
28Prelude No.19 in E-flat major
28Prelude No.20 in C minor
28Prelude No.21 in B-flat major
28Prelude No.22 in G minor
28Prelude No.23 in F major
28Prelude No.24 in D minor
45Prelude in C-sharp minor
7Prelude in A-flat major
0Prelude Devil’s Trill in E-flat minor


20Scherzo No. 1 in B minor
31Scherzo No. 2 in B-flat minor
39Scherzo No. 3 in C-sharp minor
54Scherzo No. 4 in E major


4Piano Sonata No. 1 in C minor
35Piano Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor
58Piano Sonata No. 3 in B minor


1Rondo in C minor
5Rondo ą la mazur in F major
16Rondo in E-flat major
73Rondo in C major


12Variations brillantes in B-flat major on Je vends des scapulaires from Hérold’s Ludovic
9Variations in E for flute and piano on Non pił mesta from Rossini’s La Cenerentola
12-aVariations in D major or B minor on an Irish National Air
14Variations in E major on the air Der Schweizerbub
37Variations in A Souvenir de Paganini
113Variation in E for Hexameron
6Introduction, Theme and Variations in D on a Venetian air, piano 4-hands

Other Piano Works

19Boléro in A minor
22Andante spianato in G major
43Tarantelle in A-flat major
46Allegro de Concert in A major
49Fantaisie in F minor
57Berceuse in D-flat major
60Barcarolle in F-sharp major
72-2Marche funèbre in C minor
72-3Three Écossaises No. 1 in D major
72-3Three Écossaises No. 2 in G major
72-3Three Écossaises No. 3 in D-flat major
17Contredanse in G-flat major
84Cantabile in B-flat major
109Largo in E-flat major
117Andantino in G minor
129Canon in F minor
133Klavierstück Sostenuto in E-flat
144Fugue in A minor
155Album Leaf
1602 Bourrées
13Galoppin A-flat
1Andante dolente in B-flat minor
23 Fugues
9Écossaise in B-flat major