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Antonín Dvořák (1841 – 1904) [wikipedia]
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 This page introduces Dvorak’s song works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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Songs on Serbian Folk Poem

6-1 No.1 The Maiden and the Gras
6-2 No.2 Warning
6-3 No.3 Flowery Omens
6-4 No.4 No Escape

Songs from the Dvůr Králové Manuscript

7-1 No.1 The Cuckoo
7-2 No.2 The Forsaken
7-3 No.3 The Lark
7-4 No.4 The Rose
7-5 No.5 Kytice
7-6 No.6 Strawberries

4 Moravian Duets

20-1 No.1 Destined
20-2 No.2 The Parting
20-3 No.3 The Silken Band
20-4 No.4 The Last Wish

14 Moravian Duets

32-1 No.1 The Fugitive
32-2 No.2 Fly Sweet Songster
32-3 No.3 The Slighted Heart
32-4 No.4 Parting Without Sorrow
32-5 No.5 The Pledge of Love
32-6 No.6 Forsaken
32-7 No.7 Sad of Heart
32-8 No.8 The Modest Maid
32-9 No.9 The Ring
32-10 No.10 Omens
32-11 No.11 The Imprisoned Maid
32-12 No.12 Comfort
32-13 No.13 The Wild Rose
32-14 No.14 The Soldier’s Farwell

4 Moravian Duets

38-1 No.1 Vain Hope
38-2 No.2 Greeting from Afar
38-3 No.3 The Crown
38-4 No.4 The Smart

Modern Greek Songs

50-1 No.1 Kolijas: Klepht Song
50-2 No.2 Nereids
50-3 No.3 Parga’s Lament

Gypsy Songs

55-1 No.1 My Song of Love Rings Through the Dusk
55-2 No.2 Hey, Ring Out, My Triangle
55-3 No.3 All Round About the Woods are Still
55-4 No.4 Songs My Mother Taught Me
55-5 No.5 Come and Join the Dancing
55-6 No.6 The Gypsy Songman
55-7 No.7 Give a Hawk a Fine Cage

In Folk Tone

73-1 No.1 Goodnight, My Darling
73-2 No.2 When a Maiden Was a-Mowing
73-3 No.3 There is no Consolation for Me
73-4 No.4 I Have a Faithful Mare

Songs on Poems

82-1 No.1 Leave Me Alone
82-2 No.2 The Embroidery
82-3 No.3 Spring
82-4 No.4 At the Brook

Love Songs

83-1 No.1 Love Will Never Lead Us to that Happy End
83-2 No.2 Death Reigns in Many a Human Breast
83-3 No.3 I Wander Often Past Yonder House
83-4 No.4 I Know that My Love to Thee
83-5 No.5 Nature Lies Peaceful in Slumber and Dreaming
83-6 No.6 In the Deepest Forest Glade I Stand
83-7 No.7 When Thy Sweet Glances Fall On Me
83-8 No.8 Thou Only, Dear On

Biblical Songs

99-1 No.1 Clouds and Darkness
99-2 No.2 Thou Art My Refuge
99-3 No.3 Hear My Prayer, O Lord
99-4 No.4 The Lord is My Shepherd
99-5 No.5 I Will Sing a New Song
99-6 No.6 Hear My Cry
99-7 No.7 By the Rivers of Babylon
99-8 No.8 Turn Thee Unto Me
99-9 No.9 I Will Lift Up Mine Eyes
99-10 No.10 O Sing a New Song Unto the Lord

Other Vocal Songs

142 2 Czech Folk Poems
3 2 Evening Songs
124 4 Songs on Poems by Gustav Pfleger Moravský
123 6 Songs on Poems by Gustav Pfleger Moravský
19-b Ave Maria
19-b Ave maris stella
72 Bouquet of Czech Folksongs
113 Children’s Song
11 Cypresses
13 Dvě písně pro baryton a klavír
31 Evening Songs
82 Hymnus ad Laudus in festo Sanctae Trinitatis
118 Lo, a swallow winging
194 Lullaby
19-a O sanctissima dulcis virgo Maria!
128 Question
24-a Rosmarine
204 Song of the Smith of Lešetín
23 Songs on Words by Eliška Krásnohorská
24 The Orphan
140 The Wild Duck