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Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) [wikipedia]

 This page introduces Rachmaninoff’s piano works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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Piano Sonata

28Piano Sonata No.1
36Piano Sonata No.2


33Etudes-tableaux No.1 in F minor
33Etudes-tableaux No.2 in C major
33Etudes-tableaux No.3 in F-flat minor
33Etudes-tableaux No.4 in F-flat major
33Etudes-tableaux No.5 in G minor
33Etudes-tableaux No.6 in C-sharp minor


39Etudes-tableaux No.1 in C minor
39Etudes-tableaux No.2 in A minor
39Etudes-tableaux No.3 in F-sharp minor
39Etudes-tableaux No.4 in B minor
39Etudes-tableaux No.5 in E-flat minor
39Etudes-tableaux No.6 in A minor
39Etudes-tableaux No.7 in C minor
39Etudes-tableaux No.8 in D minor
39Etudes-tableaux No.9 in D major

Moments musicaux

16Moments musicaux No.1 in B-flat minor
16Moments musicaux No.2 in E-flat minor
16Moments musicaux No.3 in B minor
16Moments musicaux No.4 in E minor
16Moments musicaux No.5 in D-flat major
16Moments musicaux No.6 in C major

Morceaux de fantaisie

3Morceaux de fantaisie No.1 Elégie
3Morceaux de fantaisie No.2 Prélude
3Morceaux de fantaisie No.3 Mélodie
3Morceaux de fantaisie No.4 Polichinelle
3Morceaux de fantaisie No.5 Sérénade

Morceaux de salon

10Morceaux de salon No.1 Nocturne
10Morceaux de salon No.2 Valse
10Morceaux de salon No.3 Barcarolle
10Morceaux de salon No.4 Mélodie
10Morceaux de salon No.5 Humoresque
10Morceaux de salon No.6 Romance
10Morceaux de salon No.7 Mazurka


1887Nocturne No.1 in F-sharp minor
1887Nocturne No.2 in F major
1888Nocturne No.3 in C minor

4 Pieces

18884 Pieces No.1 Romance
18874 Pieces No.2 Prélude
18884 Pieces No.3 Mélodie
18884 Pieces No.4 Gavotte

2 Pieces

18992 Pieces No.1 Morceau de fantaisie
18992 Pieces No.2 Fughetta


23Preludes No.1 in F-sharp minor
23Preludes No.2 in B-flat major
23Preludes No.3 in D minor
23Preludes No.4 in D major
23Preludes No.5 in G minor
23Preludes No.6 in E-flat major
23Preludes No.7 in C minor
23Preludes No.8 in A-flat major
23Preludes No.9 in E-flat minor
23Preludes No.10 in G-flat major


32Preludes No.1 in C major
32Preludes No.2 in B-flat major
32Preludes No.3 in E major
32Preludes No.4 in E minor
32Preludes No.5 in G major
32Preludes No.6 in F minor
32Preludes No.7 in F major
32Preludes No.8 in A minor
32Preludes No.9 in A major
32Preludes No.10 in B minor
32Preludes No.11 in B major
32Preludes No.12 in G-flat minor
32Preludes No.13 in D-flat major


22Variations on a Theme of Chopin
42Variations on a Theme of Corelli
43Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini

Other Piano Works

1896Improvisations No.2
1917Oriental Sketch
1911Polka de W.R.
1917Prelude in B-flat Major
1891Prelude in F major
1886Song without Words

4 hands Symphony

13Symphony No.1 for 4hands
45Symphonic Dances for 4hands

4 hands Suite

5Suite No.1 for 4hands
17Suite No.2 for 4hands

4 hands Piano Concerto

1Piano Concerto No.1 for 4hands
18Piano Concerto No.2 for 4hands
30Piano Concerto No.3 for 4hands
40Piano Concerto No.4 for 4hands

4 hands 6 Morceaux

11No.1 Barcarolle for 4hands
11No.2 Scherzo for 4hands
11No.3 Thème russe for 4hands
11No.4 Valse for 4hands
11No.5 Romance for 4hands
11No.6 Glory for 4hands

Other 4 hands Works

12Capriccio on Gypsy Themes for 4hands
1906Polka italienne for 4hands
1894Romance for 4hands
1891Russian Rhapsody for 4hands
7The Rock for 4hands

6 hands 2 Pieces

1890No.1 Waltzfor 6 Hands
1891No.2 Romance for 6 Hands