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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) [wikipedia]
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 This page introduces Tchaikovsky’s piano works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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3 Pieces

9-1 No.1 Rêverie
9-2 No.2 Polka de salon
9-3 No.3 Mazurka de salon

2 Pieces

10-1 No.1 Nocturne
10-2 No.2 Humoresque

6 Pieces

19-1 No.1 Rêverie du soir
19-2 No.2 Scherzo humoristique
19-3 No.3 Feuillet d’album
19-4 No.4
19-5 No.5
19-6 No.6

6 Pieces on a single theme

21-1 No.1 Prélude
21-2 No.2 Fugue à 4 voix
21-3 No.3 Impromptu
21-4 No.4 March funèbre
21-5 No.5 Mazurque
21-6 No.6 Scherzo

The Seasons

37b-1 January. At the Fireside
37b-2 February. Carnival
37b-3 March. Song of the Lark
37b-4 April. Snowdrop
37b-5 May. Starlit Nights
37b-6 June. Barcarolle
37b-7 July. Song of the Reaper
37b-8 August. Harvest
37b-9 September. The Hunt
37b-10 October. Autumn Song
37b-11 November. Troika
37b-12 December. Christmas

Album pour enfants

39-1 No.1 Morning Prayer
39-2 No.2 Winter Morning
39-3 No.3 Playing Hobby-Horses
39-4 No.4 Mama
39-5 No.5 March of the Wooden Soldiers
39-6 No.6 The Sick Doll
39-7 No.7 The Doll’s Funeral
39-8 No.8 Waltz
39-9 No.9 The New Doll
39-10 No.10 Mazurka
39-11 No.11 Russian Song
39-12 No.12 The Harmonica Player
39-13 No.13 Kamarinskaya
39-14 No.14 Polka
39-15 No.15 Italian song
39-16 No.16 Old French Song
39-17 No.17 German Song
39-18 No.18 Neapolitan Song
39-19 No.19 Nanny’s Story
39-20 No.20 The Old Witch
39-21 No.21 Sweet Dreams
39-22 No.22 Lark Song
39-23 No.23 The Organ-Grinder Sings
39-24 No.24 In Church

12 Pieces

40-1 No.1 Etude. Allegro giusto
40-2 No.2 Chanson triste. Allegro non troppo
40-3 No.3 Marche funèbre. Tempo di Marcia funebre
40-4 No.4 Mazurka. Tempo di Mazurka
40-5 No.5 Mazurka. Tempo di Mazurka
40-6 No.6 Chant sans paroles. Allegro moderato
40-7 No.7 Au village. Andante sostenuto
40-8 No.8 Valse. Tempo di Valse
40-9 No.9 Valse. Tempo di Valse
40-10 No.10 Danse russe. Andantino
40-11 No.11 Scherzo. Allegro vivacissimo
40-12 No.12 Rêverie interrompue. Andante un poco rubato e con molto espressione

6 Pieces

51-1 No.1 Valse de salon
51-2 No.2 Polka peu dansante
51-3 No.3 Menuetto scherzoso
51-4 No.4 Natha-valse
51-5 No.5 Romance
51-6 No.6 Valse sentimentale

18 Pieces

72-1 No.1 Impromptu
72-2 No.2 Berceuse
72-3 No.3 Tendres reproches
72-4 No.4 Danse caractéristique
72-5 No.5 Méditation
72-6 No.6 Mazurka pour danser
72-7 No.7 Polacca de concert
72-8 No.8 Dialogue
72-9 No.9 Un poco di Schumann
72-10 No.10 Scherzo-fantaisie
72-11 No.11 Valse-bluette
72-12 No.12 L’espiègle
72-13 No.13 Echo rustique
72-14 No.14 Chant élégiaque
72-15 No.15 Un poco di Chopin
72-16 No.16 Valse à cinq temps
72-17 No.17 Passé lontain
72-18 No.18 Scène dansante. Inviatation au trèpak

Other Piano Works

1-1 2 Pieces No.1 Scherzo à la russe in B flat major
1-2 2 Pieces No.2 Impromptu in E-flat minor
2-1 Souvenir de Hapsal No.1 Ruines d’un chateau in E minor
2-2 Souvenir de Hapsal No.2 Scherzo in F major
2-3 Souvenir de Hapsal No.3 Chant sans paroles in F major
4 Valse-caprice in D major
5 Romance in F minor
7 Valse-scherzo in A major
8 Capriccio in G-flat major
37 Piano Sonata No.1 Grand Sonata in G major
59 Dumka in C minor
80 Piano Sonata No. 2 in C-sharp minor