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Sergei Rachmaninoff (1873-1943) [wikipedia]
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 This page introduces Rachmaninoff’s song works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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2 Monologues from Boris Godunov

1891 Thou, Father Patriarch
1891 One Last Story

6 Romances

4 No.1 Oh No, I Beg You, Forsake Me Not!
4 No.2 Morning
4 No.3 In the Silence of the Secret Night
4 No.4 Do Not Sing, My Beauty
4 No.5 Oh Thou, my Field
4 No.6 How Long, my Friend

6 Romances

8 No.1 The Water Lily
8 No.2 Child! Thou Art as Beautiful as a Flower
8 No.3 Brooding
8 No.4 I Have Grown Fond of Sorrow
8 No.5 The Dream
8 No.6 A Prayer

12 Romances

14 No.1 I Wait for Thee
14 No.2 The Isle
14 No.3 For Long there has been Little Consolation in Love
14 No.4 I Was With Her
14 No.5 These Summer Nights
14 No.6 How Everyone Loves Thee
14 No.7 Believe Me Not, Friend!
14 No.8 Oh, Do Not Grieve!
14 No.9 She is as Lovely as the Noon
14 No.10 In My Soul
14 No.11 Spring Waters
14 No.12 Tis Time!

12 Romances

21 No.1 Fate
21 No.2 By the Fresh Grave
21 No.3 Twilight
21 No.4 They Answered
21 No.5 Lilacs
21 No.5 Lilacs for piano
21 No.6 Fragment from Musset
21 No.7 How Fair this Spot
21 No.8 On the Death of a Linnet
21 No.9 Melody
21 No.10 Before the Ikon
21 No.11 No Prophet I
21 No.12 How Painful for Me

15 Romances

26 No.1 There are Many Sounds
26 No.2 He Took All from Me
26 No.3 Let Us Rest
26 No.4 Two Partings
26 No.5 Beloved, Let Us Fly
26 No.6 Christ Is Risen
26 No.7 To the Children
26 No.8 I Beg for Mercy!
26 No.9 Again I am Alone
26 No.10 Before my Window
26 No.11 The Fountain
26 No.12 Night is Mournful
26 No.13 When Yesterday We Met
26 No.14 The Ring
26 No.15 All Things Pass By

14 Romances

34 No.1 The Muse
34 No.2 In the Soul of Each of Us
34 No.3 The Storm
34 No.4 The Migrant Wind
34 No.5 Arion
34 No.6 The Raising of Lazarus
34 No.7 It Cannot Be !
34 No.8 Music
34 No.9 You Knew Him
34 No.10 I Remember that Day
34 No.11 The Peasant
34 No.12 What Happiness
34 No.13 Dissonance
34 No.14 Vocalise

6 Romances

38 No.1 In My Garden at Night
38 No.2 To Her
38 No.3 Daisies
38 No.4 The Rat-Catcher
38 No.5 The Dream
38 No.6 A-oo

2 Russian Songs

1899 At the Gate
1899 Shoes

2 Russian Songs

1920 Apple Tree, O Apple Tree
1920 The Little Splinter

2 Sacred Songs

1916 Glory to God
1916 Prayer

2 Songs

1890 At the Gates of the Holy Abode
1890 I Shall Tell You Nothing

2 Songs

1891 C’était en avril
1891 Twilight has Fallen

3 Songs

1893 Song of the Disillusioned
1893 The Flower has Faded
1893 Do You Remember the Evening?

Other Vocal Works

1891 A Night Spent Without Dreams
1890 Again You Leapt, my Heart
1890 Deus Meus
1915 From the Gospel of St John
1908 Letter to K. S. Stanislavsky
1900 Night
1925 Powder and Paint
1899 Were You Hiccoughing?

6 Choruses

15 No.1 Be Praised
15 No.2 Night
15 No.3 The Pine Tree
15 No.4 The Waves Slumbered
15 No.5 Slavery
15 No.6 Angel

Russian Songs

41 Across the River
41 Whiten My Rouged Cheeks
41 Oh, Ivan!

Other Choral Works

1892 Aleko
1894 Chorus of Spirits
25 Francesca da Rimini
31 Liturgy of St John Chrysostom
1908 Monna Vanna
1893 O Mother of God vigilantly praying
1899 Panteley the Healer
20 Spring
35 The Bells
24 The Miserly Knight
37 Vespers