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Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky (1840-1893) [wikipedia]
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 This page introduces Tchaikovsky’s song works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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6 Romances

6-1 No.1 Do Not Believe, My Friend
6-2 No.2 Not a Word,O My Friend
6-3 No.3 Bitterly and Sweetly
6-4 No.4 A Tear Trembles
6-5 No.5 Why?
6-6 No.6 None but the Lonely Heart

6 Romances

16-1 No.1 Lullaby
16-2 No.2 Wait!
16-3 No.3 Accept Just Once
16-4 No.4 O, Sing That Song
16-5 No.5 So What?
16-6 No.6 Modern Greek Song

6 Romances

25-1 No.1 Reconciliation
25-2 No.2 As Over the Burning Ashes
25-3 No.3 Mignon’s Song
25-4 No.4 The Canary
25-5 No.5 I Never Spoke to Her
25-6 No.6 As They Kept Saying. Fool

6 Romances and Songs

27-1 No.1 At Bedtime
27-2 No.2 Look,Yonder Cloud
27-3 No.3 Do Not Leave Me
27-4 No.4 Evening
27-5 No.5 Was it the Mother Who Bore Me?
27-6 No.6 My Spoiled Darling

6 Romances

28-1 No.1 No, I Shall never Tell
28-2 No.2 The Corals
28-3 No.3 Why?
28-4 No.4 He Loved Me So Much
28-5 No.5 No Response, or Word, or Greeting
28-6 No.6 The Terrible Moment

6 Romances

38-1 No.1 Don Juan’s Serenade
38-2 No.2 It was in the Early Spring
38-3 No.3 Amid the Din of the Ball
38-4 No.4 O, If Only You Could
38-5 No.5 The Love of a Dead Man
38-6 No.6 Pimpinella. Florentine Song

6 Duets

46-1 No.1 Evening
46-2 No.2 Scottish Ballad. Edward
46-3 No.3 Tears
46-4 No.4 In the Garden, By the Ford
46-5 No.5 Passion Spent
46-6 No.6 Dawn

7 Romances

47-1 No.1 If Only I Had Known
47-2 No.2 Softly the Spirt Flew up to Heaven
47-3 No.3 Dusk Fell on the Earth
47-4 No.4 Sleep, Poor Friend
47-5 No.5 I Bless You, Forests
47-6 No.6 Does the Day Reign?
47-7 No.7 Was I Not a Little Blade of Grass in the Meadow?

16 Children’s songs

54-1 No.1 Granny and Grandson
54-2 No.2 Little Bird
54-3 No.3 Spring. The Grass Grows Green
54-4 No.4 My Little Garden
54-5 No.5 Legend
54-6 No.6 On the Bank
54-7 No.7 Winter Evening
54-8 No.8 The Cuckoo
54-9 No.9 Spring. The Snow is Already Melting
54-10 No.10 Lullaby in a Storm
54-11 No.11 The Little Flower
54-12 No.12 Winter
54-13 No.13 Spring Song
54-14 No.14 Autumn
54-15 No.15 The Swallow
54-16 No.16 Child’s Song. My Lizochek

6 Romances

57-1 No.1 Tell Me, What in the Shade of the Branches?
57-2 No.2 On the Golden Cornfields
57-3 No.3 Do Not Ask
57-4 No.4 Sleep!
57-5 No.5 Death
57-6 No.6 Only You Alone

12 Romances

60-1 No.1 Last Night
60-2 No.2 I’ll Tell You Nothing
60-3 No.3 O, If Only You Knew
60-4 No.4 The Nightingale
60-5 No.5 Simple Words
60-6 No.6 Sleepless Nights
60-7 No.7 Song of a Gypsy Girl
60-8 No.8 Forgive!
60-9 No.9 Night
60-10 No.10 Beyond the Window,in the Shadows
60-11 No.11 Exploit
60-12 No.12 The Gentle Stars Shone For Us

6 Romances

63-1 No.1 I Did Not Love You at First
63-2 No.2 I Opened the Window
63-3 No.3 I Do Not Please You
63-4 No.4 The First Meeting
63-5 No.5 The Fires in the Rooms Were Already Out
63-6 No.6 Serenade. O Child! Beneath Your Window

6 French Songs

65-1 No.1 Sérénade. Où vas-tu, souffle d’aurore
65-2 No.2 Déception
65-3 No.3 Sérénade. J’aime dans le rayon
65-4 No.4 Qu’importe que l’hiver
65-5 No.5 Les larmes
65-6 No.6 Rondel

6 Romances

73-1 No.1 We Sat Together
73-2 No.2 Night
73-3 No.3 In This Moonlit Night
73-4 No.4 The Sun Has Set
73-5 No.5 Amid Sombre Days
73-6 No.6 Again, As Before, Alone

9 Sacred Pieces

No.1 Cherubim’s Song No.1
No.2 Cherubim’s Song No.2
No.3 Cherubim’s Song No.3
No.4 We Hymn Thee
No.5 It is Truly Fitting
No.6 Our Father
No.7 Blessed Are They Whom Thou Hast Chosen
No.8 Let My Prayer Ascend
No.9 Now the Heavenly Powers


41 Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom
52 All-Night Vigil

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