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Felix Mendelssohn (1809-1847) [wikipedia]

 This page introduces Mendelssohn’s piano works. The font is bold for particularly well-known works.

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Piano sonata

6Piano Sonata No.1 in E major
105Piano Sonata No.2 in G minor
106Piano Sonata No.3 in B flat major


54Variations sérieuses
82Variations in E-flat major
83Variations in B-flat major

Songs Without Words Book.1

19b-1Book.1 No. 1 Andante con moto in E major
19b-2Book.1 No. 2 Andante espressivo in A minor
19b-3Book.1 No. 3 Molto allegro e vivace Hunting Song in A major
19b-4Book.1 No. 4 Moderato in A major
19b-5Book.1 No. 5 Poco agitato in F-sharp minor
19b-6Book.1 No. 6 Andante sostenuto Venetian Boat Song in G minor

Songs Without Words Book.2

30-1Book.2 No. 1 Andante espressivo in E-flat major
30-2Book.2 No. 2 Allegro di molto in B-flat minor
30-3Book.2 No. 3 Adagio non troppo in E major
30-4Book.2 No. 4 Agitato e con fuoco in B minor
30-5Book.2 No. 5 Andante grazioso in D major
30-6Book.2 No. 6 Allegretto tranquillo Venetian Boat Song in F-sharp minor

Songs Without Words Book.3

38-1Book.3 No. 1 Con moto in E-flat major
38-2Book.3 No. 2 Allegro non troppo in C minor
38-3Book.3 No. 3 Presto e molto vivace in E major
38-4Book.3 No. 4 Andante in A major
38-5Book.3 No. 5 Agitato in A minor
38-6Book.3 No. 6 Andante con moto Duetto in A-flat major

Songs Without Words Book.4

53-1Book.4 No. 1 Andante con moto in A-flat major
53-2Book.4 No. 2 Allegro non troppo in E-flat major
53-3Book.4 No. 3 Presto agitato in G minor
53-4Book.4 No. 4 Adagio in F major
53-5Book.4 No. 5 Adagio Volkslied in F major
53-6Book.4 No. 6 Molto Allegro vivace in A major

Songs Without Words Book.5

62-1Book.5 No. 1 Andante espressivo in G major
62-2Book.5 No. 2 Allegro con fuoco in B-flat major
62-3Book.5 No. 3 Andante maestoso Trauermarsch in E minor
62-4Book.5 No. 4 Allegro con anima in G major
62-5Book.5 No. 5 Andante con moto Venetian Boat Songin A minor
62-6Book.5 No. 6 Allegretto grazioso Spring Song in A major

Songs Without Words Book.6

67-1Book.6 No. 1 Andante in E-flat major
67-2Book.6 No. 2 Allegro leggiero in F-sharp minor
67-3Book.6 No. 3 Andante tranquillo in B-flat major
67-4Book.6 No. 4 Presto Spinnerlied in C major
67-5Book.6 No. 5 Moderato in B minor
67-6Book.6 No. 6 Allegro non troppo in E major

Songs Without Words Book.7

85-1Book.7 No. 1 Andante espressivo in F major
85-2Book.7 No. 2 Allegro agitato in A minor
85-3Book.7 No. 3 Presto in E-flat major
85-4Book.7 No. 4 Andante sostenuto in D major
85-5Book.7 No. 5 Allegretto in A major
85-6Book.7 No. 6 Allegretto con moto in B-flat major

Songs Without Words Book.8

102-1Book.8 No. 1 Andante un poco agitato in E minor
102-2Book.8 No. 2 Adagio in D major
102-3Book.8 No. 3 Presto in C major
102-4Book.8 No. 4 Un poco agitato, ma andante in G minor
102-5Book.8 No. 5 Allegro vivace Kinderstücke in A major
102-6Book.8 No. 6 Andante in C major

7 Charakterstücke

7No. 1 Sanft und mit Empfindung
7No. 2 Mit heftiger Bewegung
7No. 3 Kräftig und feurig
7No. 4 Schnell und beweglich
7No. 5 Ernst und mit steigender Lebhaftigkeit
7No. 6 Sehnsüchtig
7No. 7 Leicht und luftig

6 Preludes and Fugues

35-16 Preludes and Fugues No. 1 in E minor
35-26 Preludes and Fugues No. 2 in D major
35-36 Preludes and Fugues No. 3 in B minor
35-46 Preludes and Fugues No. 4 in A-flat major
35-56 Preludes and Fugues No. 5 in F minor
35-66 Preludes and Fugues No. 6 in B-flat major

6 Kinderstücke

72-1No. 1 Allegro non troppo in G major
72-2No. 2 Andante sostenuto in E-flat major
72-3No. 3 Allegretto in G major
72-4No. 4 Andante con moto in D major
72-5No. 5 Allegro assai in G minor
72-6No. 6 Vivace in F major

Fantasies or Caprices

16-1No. 1 Fantasia in A minor
16-2No. 2 Caprice or Scherzo in E minor
16-3No. 3 Fantasia The Rivulet in E major

3 Caprices

33-13 Caprices No 1. in A minor
33-23 Caprices No 2. in E major
33-33 Caprices No 3. in B flat minor

3 Preludes

104a-1Three Preludes No. 1 in B-flat major
104a-2Three Preludes No. 2 in B minor
104a-3Three Preludes No. 3 in D major

3 Études

104b-1Three Études No. 1 in B-flat minor
104b-2Three Études No. 2 in F major
104b-3Three Études No. 3 in A minor

2 Klavierstücke

19-12 Klavierstücke No. 1 Andante cantabile in B-flat major
19-22 Klavierstücke No. 2 Presto agitato in G minor

Other Piano Works

5Capriccio in F-sharp minor
14Rondo capriccioso in E major
15The Last Rose of Summer in E major
28Fantasie in F-sharp minor
117Albumblatt in E minor
118Capriccio in E major
119Perpetuum mobile in C major
92Allegro brilliant in A major for four hands
1Etude in F minor
2Scherzo in B minor
3Scherzo à capriccio in F-sharp minor
6Andante cantabile e Presto agitato
10Gondellied in B major
13Prelude and Fugue
25Duo concertante
1826Te Deum in D major